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Heather Clark

Heather's personal platform is promoting

"The Pink Heals, Pink Fire Trucks program".



Sharee Daley


Sharee's personal platform is

"Letting It Out." 

Suicide and Self Harm Awareness and Prevention.  

 State Coordinator 

  Mirandia Berthold


 Mirandia's personal platforms are

Veterans First Read Program

Autism Speaks, Aspergers Awareness

 Fibromyalgia/Depression Awareness.

Official Coach/Lifetime Queen

Stayc Simpson

 Stayc's personal platforms are

The Longterm Effects of Cancer Treatments

 The Body Image Movement. 

"Helping Women to Learn to Love the Body They Have"

Official Tabulator

Jim Clark

Jim's personal platform is

"Helping American Disabled Veterans" 


Board Member
Sara Busby

Sara's personal platform is

" March of Dimes"


         Official Chief of Judges

Lisa Navarette

Lisa's personal platform is

"Eating Whole Nutritious Food on any Budget"





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